Rockaway Rugby Club
533 B126th Street, Suite #303
Rockaway, NY 11694
Phone: 347-922-8109 (Pat Steffens)

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Subject to change: check tent for new information.

1. All players must be properly registered and placed on the waiver form. Improper registration will result in the forfeit of the game and tournament.

2. Each match shall consist of two 7 minute periods with a 2 minute half-time interval.

3. Each team should be on the field and ready to play at their scheduled time. At the qualifying competitions, the local tournament rules govern this situation. At the USARE Sevens Rugby Championship, a try will be awarded at 2nd minute increments (without goal kicks), with a forfeit occurring at the elapsed time of the first period.

4. In case of round robin divisional play, scoring for advancement shall be as follows: 3pointsforawin ~ 2pointforatie ~ 1pointsforaloss ~ -forfeitorno-show

5. In the case of a tie at the end of divisional play, the following criteria shall be used in the order listed:

  • Tie breaker 1 is head to head
  • Tie breaker 2 is overall point differential
  • Tie breaker 3 is total tries scored
  • Tie breaker 4 is total points scored
  • Tie breaker 5 is converted tries scored
  • Tie breaker 6 is coin toss

6. In case of a tie at the end of any knockout rounds, i.e. quarter finals, semifinals or final, there shall be: i. A rest interval not to exceed 3 minutes.

ii. A coin toss to determine choice of kick or end.

iii. Sudden Death, in rotating 5 minute periods with a 1 minute rest interval between periods.

7. A maximum of three players may be replaced, for injury only, during a game.

8. If the player leaves a game due to head injury or potential head injury, he/she may not participate any further in that match. The injured player may participate in later matches for that team with the approval of the Event Doctor.

9. If a player is sent off with a red card, he/she may not participate any further in that tournament. The Referee will forward the report to the player's EGU Disciplinary Committee for action. 3 yellow cards in the tournament constitutes as 1 red card and will result in player exemption.